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Friday, June 23, 2006


I am not gonna complain about time this time...but,thats the sequence that has been followed after the term-2 started (Cruel to Cool). Time is indeed a resource, and I am enjoying it to the fullest now. We had an interesting 2-hour seminar by the famous Mumbai "Dabbawalas" on their Six-Sigma Supply Chain Mgmt. Infact, we had another session by KPMG head at the same time. I had to choose the former, despite wanting to attend the both!! I guess I'll get the video of the other. We are going to hear Mr. Tripathy, Yashraj Films on 'Marketing movies' tomorrow - it's gonna be fun.

These regular guest lectures are another source of learning at ISB - direct learnings from the real world practical gurus. These events and associations provide students with amazing networking opportunities. Association is the key!! I can't recollect exactly, but there is a saying that goes like - " Tell me who your five close friends are and I will tell you who you are and where you are going.." I guess I am digressing but I guess friendships can only happen between compatibles..!! (I am not referring gender, cultural, regional, or even other demographical similarities, but some sorta chemistry that must prevail before magic begins..!!)

Aurevoir - Satish.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Hibernation or what?

..Not exactly, but I am forcing myself outta it to write few things...

It's one thing to be told that Life will be intensive at ISB and a different thing to actually go thru it!! I never imagined that I'll be away from my blog for so long....It's an underestimation to say that it has been just hectic ---(hardly slept for three to four hours in last seventy two hours...!!) Last weekend never seemed like a weekend..!!

Nevertheless, it's so much fun interacting with three different groups and working on corporate strategies of top-notch firms such as Intel, Coca Cola etc.. This term is full of strategy courses - Marketing Strategy, Competitive Strategy, Decision Modeling & Optimization..!! But, I guess I need to be more organized and manage time so that I can take time to think and act..., rather than just keep acting..!!

On the top of these business courses, I am taking french lessons..,& I am enjoying those four hours as well...!!


Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Odyssey resumes...!!

Term-2 began with courses more or less as extension of term-1 subjects: MarkStrat - extn. of Marketing Strategy-I; Global Economics - Micro Economics; Decision Modeling & Optimization -building on Stats & Simulations; Competitive Strategy - Game theory...!! The load has definetly increased in proportion in terms of complex case-studies, class-participation, and ofcourse, assignments.

Pretty busy weak ahead - I will basically be working with three different groups - one on MarkStrat, a simulation of realistic dynamic competitive situation, where we'll be making strategical decisions on Brand portfolio, advt. spending etc, etc; second on group assignments with my regular study group; and third with my ELP (Experiential Learning Project) team, a group of four diverse students focusing on Finance project (one an Entrepreneur, one a Marketing guy, one a CA, and one an IT Project Manager)

Few hours back we had an interesting session on Coca-Cola history and their different Strategies in India, by none other than their VP - Deepak Jolly. It's so enriching to have such real-world sessions right after your case-discussion in the class on Cola-Wars :) (Pepsi Vs Coke)

tata.. Satish

Saturday, June 10, 2006

@ home..!!

..after two days of strenuous, brain-popping preparation for term-1 exams, I chose to take a term-break and fly to my home town :) it's pretty relaxing so far ...watched a telugu movie in a theatre, couple of miles from home- met few kanbides at their new campus - again, couple of miles from ISB; and pretty much filling my majority of time at home with one activity - SLEEPING!!

I am planning to write 'Takeaways - Term-1" tomorrow on all the four subject we took...hopefully, i should be able to reflect on what i learnt and which I can apply going forward..!!

Next post from ISB...


Saturday, June 03, 2006

T T T T (Term 1 Terminates This Tuesday!!)

You can already see Kotler's influence on me in titling this post - 4T's!! The reason for building acronyms such as 4 Ps etc. is that such acronyms make it easier to remember the theory behind those Ps- but right now, it's difficult even to remember the plethora of those acronyms - 4 Ps for Marketing mix, 5 Cs for customer analysis, 7 Ms for advertising, 5 more Cs for communication strategy..:) We've our end term exams starting this monday and ending with Marketing exam on Tuesday!!

Marketing classes were pretty exciting and interesting, filled with real world examples , challenging case-studies, and hidden insights. However, preparing for the closed book marketing exam doesn't seem to be even half-exciting:) All in all, I will be completing 1/8 part of my MBA - come tuesday...!!

- Satish