The Lord Of Myself

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Sunday, January 14, 2007

The Lord of Myself!! other time is as challenging to live up to the title of this blog as now...Placement season has begun at ISB :)One needs to remember the 'Alice in Wonderland' story to make sense of what i am saying - When Alice, having lost in her journey, asks Angel "Which way do I Go?", the Angel replies "That depends on where you wanna go!", to which Alice says "I don't know". Angel then replies, " Then it doesn't matter which path you take!" One doesn't need to have a perfect 'nano-second plan' or rigid goals, but should have a clear idea of how he wants his career to move forward; And that direction should be a guide for his decisions irrespective of the context.

At this crucial juncture, it is easy to lose sight of long term plans and give in to short term is easy to do what majority of the crowd is is easy to compare and contrast with others rather than exploring self and finding out exactly what is that you is easy to try for everything for the fear of getting nothing....!!! There are unbelievable pressures and inexpressible fears, which might lead one to do the above easy things. Instead, if one choses to go back to pre-ISB days and revisit the reasons of doing the MBA, one can get his direction and concentrate his efforts along those lines rather than diffusing the effort and selling himself short!
It is not easy!!

I hope i will be able to live up to what i am preaching here; nevertheless, i am supremely confident that it is the only right way to go about. Well, i don't mean focussing means chosing only one career or job profile, but a general idea of industry, function, and location one might want to work for!! (probably, Plan A & Plan B)


P.S: It's been my longest hibernation on this blog - lotta things happening: i finished with more than 80% on my french exam; successfully completed both my ELP and PAEV; had three interviews;completed majoring in finance; played lotta cricket...!!