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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Big Sudden Impact/Surprise

..i am not talking about incremental changes or satisfying the souls who constantly chant "Change is good"...neither am i talking about "Change, we believe in" slogans. Rather, I am wondering how we deal with something so sudden, so big, and so pleasant or unpleasant! Even pleasant surprises take a toll on you, more so when you aren't well prepared. I believe the stress to be doubly more if the impact is negative. So, how do we deal with such volcanoes?

First, don't resist! This normally isn't difficult if the impact is pleasant - but even so, it is important to go with the flow - completely focussed and utmostly present. Several important things will take a back seat - temporarily - it is ok, because you can't do everything every time as you've limited resources, energy, and time.

Second, re-plan and re-visit your goals under the light of new change; Don't beat yourself for missing few goals and start dealing with change (either enjoying the change or taking actions to overcome and achieve).

Third, update your important stakeholders of the new change happened in your life so that they align their expectations on you wth the ground realities.

More importantly, allow yourself some time to reflect, react, and re-energize.