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Saturday, July 18, 2009


hmm...on a funny note, when people can derive tollywood, bollywood from hollywood - I didn't think it was strange to draw 'pappa hood' from fatherhood..!

What better way to exert myself from hibernation than writing about fatherhood? I know it is an unusual topic considering what I've been writing all along, but if a man of Obama's stature is writing and talking about it - then it must deserve its proper due! Also, it gives me a chance to share something I've never experienced before.

Life changes completely when you've a kid - it's more about him & less about you; Are the diapers changed regularly - is he crying too loud - is the baby getting enough sleep & care - these and many more zillion questions incessantly spin in your mind. You'll hardly feel if you are hungry, you aren't passionate enough to go to a ball game, no time for movies nor for any outside activities - 24 hrs a day were never enough, but more so now; Suddenly, all that what you've been valuing take a back seat - and all you care now is to see the teeth-less smile of your boy!

While it is important to cherish your precious lil' one, you shouldn't ignore how you are shaping up. Any one can give birth, but it takes a lot more to become a good father. I am not an expert at it but i know fatherhood is an enormous & enriching responsibility. Nature takes its course and you, as a father, is responsible for both his nature and nurture. You are literally on a 24 hour stage show for the boy - every thing you do, every thought you think - every behavioral aspect will be picked up by your boy. Do you want to be a hero or something else? Your choice! Nothing comes from corn, but corn. So never ignore your own self-development because you must be what you want your boy to be!

One thing I can never understand is this feeling that "You'll do "ANYTHING" for your boy" - when i say "anything", I mean "ANYTHING".



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