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Sunday, October 29, 2006

The Ultimate..!!

...we hear many 'noble' reasons for doing an MBA - learning business skills, exploring new arenas, accelerating in the current career track, networking, pedigree, global exposure etc, etc..... All these might be genuine and worthy reasons for pursuing a business education...Irrespective of the noble intentions and the good talk -, for the majority, the ultimate thing is the Placements...!! Where they are placed at the end of their MBA is the first test of the value of their newly earned esteemed degree...!!

Having said that, the first job after MBA need not be the true reflection of where one is headed - career changes happening within few months after they leave the school is not an uncommon thingie..!! It is very important to be focussed, yet flexible, in pursuing the path in the newer jungle -and that's precisely, what i am trying to do...

It has been an hectic self-introspection lately, but i kinda decided to be open to change in all the three spheres of career - industry, function, and location. I am not very particular about the location, but i think i should be open to consulting, financial services industries; general management functional roles!!

Placements have already kicked in at ISB with international firms coming in, and i am finding the current term as the toughest firm so far despite the freedom and flexibility ISB has bestowed upon us.... (four elective courses; ELP; PAEV; business plans; Resumes and EOIs; Learning French ..what not..Life is so much fun!!)


Wednesday, October 11, 2006

12 Angry Men..

... couldn't imagine seeing a 1.5 hr movie in a 2 hr MBA class.., could you? Thatz what exactly happened in the last class of Organizational Behaviour course, few weeks back...!! We watched the classic '12 Angry Men'. The movie is more about persuasion and it if you can and observe each character's influencing style. Not surprisingly, there is lot to learn from the movie than a lecture could possibly teach in 2 hrs...

Currently, amidst a cool term-break, I am relaxing like I've never slept before or watched a movie ever..!! Life is good ..:)

Electives' season starts next week - I got all the courses which I bid for: Advanced Corporate Finance, Options and Futures, Pricing, and Supply Chain Management. In addition, I will also be attending Dr. C. Rangarajan's course on macroeconomics; on the top these, I've ELP, PAEV and french classes as well. Needless to say, next term is going to be one roller-coaster :)

Also, evaluating few applications received for next batch -- lotta interesting profiles; Batch quality seems to be on an upward trend ever since ISB's inception, and there is no reason not to expect it to continue on its upward trend in years ahead..!!