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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

*&% Getting Lost ...)(

..sometimes it is so usual to feel that you aren't in control of your life - things happen at such a pace that time flies in your face without you even feeling it...As far as I can decipher, there are three reason why people get lost:

- No goals: Lack of focus is a direct consequence of lack of clear goals; Goals are worthwhile only if they are one's dreams with definite deadlines. The very fact of having clear, passionate and emotional goals will overcome many hurdles on the way.

- Urgent Vs Important: People always act on urgent things, irrespective of whether they are important or not. If the same approach is followed on important things i.e if people always do important things on time, they will never get lost - self discipline plays a pivotal role here!

- Personal Vs Professional: Important balance needs to be maintained between these two eyes (sorta..) You cannot ignore one for the other; Life moves in various phases -one eye tends to dominate the other - but, you gotta keep an eye on these eyes and ensure your dreams are never compromised - because they are your own! Never let anyone steal your dreams - including your beloved ones!


Thursday, August 09, 2007

People skills..

...i think one of the greatest and rarest skills is to identify winners among masses much ahead of time!! Identifying right set of people, assigning them right responsibilities, grooming them to proper positions requires lot of experience in dealing with people. Most of us are aware that it is much more tougher to deal with people than with machines and accurate logic..and no wonder those who possess these skills are valued a lot..

..different people react differently to same situations, same incentives and same pressures...some are born winners, some are learnt winners, ..and some are just whiners; some even have the skill to turn whiners into winners. People skills, like any other skill, can be acquired but it requires a lot more commitment, connection, and selflessness.

Such skills are used not only in professional sphere but also in personal arena - you can't choose your parents, brothers, sisters and even relatives - but you can choose one who sticks with you for the rest of your life - partner! People skills are indeed precious not only for professional success but for personal fulfillment as well :)

tata... Satish.