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Saturday, March 31, 2007


....All good things come to end...and so will be our ISB experience in a week! Anil Kumble retired today citing that the old has to give way to the new(..hope other seniors take a cue..) - likewise, we will be givin way to the batch 2008 who will be on a terrific ride starting this April. Good luck to you folks...and remember, grades are important (predominantly) if you want to really make into big consulting firms no matter what everyone else says...

I wont say here what i got outta ISB because not only that there will be so much to write but also it varies from person to person..i will have next two weeks to reflect on this amazing experience and may be i can gain something outta it. There is immense power in reflection and attention. One learned person once adviced me " if you are sad or if you are afraid, pay attention to it enough and the sadness or the fear will disappear" How true?

Now that we finished all the exams and awaiting graduation day, I am chillaxing every minute. I've learnt swimming, learning snooker, squash; watchin movies, incessantly chatting etc, etc...Suddenly, 24 hours seem to be a lot :)


Saturday, March 24, 2007

...the pursuit of happyness.. of the best movies i've recently seen..i never knew that Will Smith has such a will in his own life as well..naturally, he is the best fit to perform the roles of Mohammed Ali and Chris Gardner..There are some stunning dialogues in the movie that makes it worth watchin more than once....amazing movie to showcase the 'power of will'. Whatz will power? Will power to me is simply to ensure your will or more, not less, is what is accomplished in reality.

For instance, if u say u gonna run 7 kms and you run only 4 kms owing to ankle pain or some other stupid excuse then you are degrading your will power - however, if you say you gonna run 7 kms and you run 9 kms then you strengthen your will power. There is always a voice that says it is ok to smoke once in a while when you've decided to quit, that my wife isn't goin to find if i sleep with this girl when you've decided to be loyal, it is ok to sleep one extra hour bcos i can go to office lil late when you've decided to punctual to office... There will always be a voice within you that tries to attack your will power, and if you gonna listen to that voice you will do injustice to your dreams and will waste your life.....!!

ISB is a dream come true for has been a terrific year, though i would have loved it to be a bit better...two more weeks to go and we will all be saying good bye to this beautiful campus...

au revoir

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

..already missing..

...ISB :(
..there are several cliche sayings that explain our current dilemma - "all good things come to an end"; "everything that has a beginning has an end", 'Life is a journey - don't get fixated on an intermediate station however beautiful and wonderful it may be'... so on and so forth...

but the matter of fact and attention is what is happening in the present - and the present fact is we have to leave ISB in a month's time for some fresh legs to come in and we need to venture into a new's amazing how fast last 1 year has gone by with full of moments one can cherish for life time..yesterday, one of my close buddies has left for exchange program and when he was saying good-byes it was depressing, but i soon realized that i will be in his shoes in just a month's time wishing goodbyes to my friends here..

..leaving aside the sentimental and philosophical touch...there is so much i learned and gained at this intermediate station that compensates for more than my bank loan.. i will probably consolidate my learnings, both tangible and intangible, in my next blog post..

Almost the whole batch has been placed in the first week itself with most of them bagging more than one plum offer...i am fortunate to get four reasonably decent offers..yet to accept one of those..(will share the more info once the placement results are officially out..)

Au revoir..

P.S: this is my fiftieth post...i hope i will continue this blog with stories of my journey, despite having plans to start a new blog specific to technology consulting or business development..