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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Keys 2 the door of will-power: Energy & Focus

New year eve comes and goes – with it comes:RESOLUTIONS; Those resolutions might not go as quickly as the new year eve does – but most of them literally vanish after days, weeks, or at max months! What starts the resolutions in the first place is “motivation” – either external or self-driven. However, most people assume motivation is enough to sustain those self-made promises; So, why do most people with good intentions fail despite being highly motivated? What’s the missing puzzle?
Caution: Knowing the answer alone will not enable you to fulfill your resolutions; Knowledge isn’t power as many say – application of knowledge is!
The missing puzzle is: will-power! How do I get that? Can I buy in the market place with arbitrage opportunities or can I steal it from my wife (she thinks she has loads of it J) or can I simply follow the newly invented spiritual process or meditation method? To determine ‘how’, we need to understand ‘what’ will-power actually comprises of?
There are two keys to unlock the door of will-power so to say: Energy & Focus; One without the other will not be effective – because, if you’ve exuberant energy without focus, you dissipate it fast and wander around. On the other hand, if you’ve focus but no energy you will procrastinate things to such a point that you will lose focus as well. In order to master these, one must have worthwhile goals, a solid, yet flexible, plan to achieve those goals, and regular feedback and tracking mechanism to monitor the progress.
Resolutions can be translated into results and reality by employing will-power!