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Thursday, April 03, 2008


Good ideas don't always necessarily transalate into good products/services - primarily due to two causes: One, the idea itself doesn't stand up to the actual reality and fails during implementation and second, it is plain tough to find idea implementors than idea generators :) You need a real change agent or a hero so to speak to make things happen - especially to implement the discontinuous innovation ideas. Let us stick to the second cause and try to address that!

For any change to be effective and sustain, 100% involvement from all the people is a must; Naturally, such a mass buy-in won't happen overnight- more so, if the change is top-driven! Hence, Patience and perseverance, along with action-oriented and example-setting leadership, are the mantra. For instance, if you would like your company timings to change, the first thing you need to be sure is you better have a solid reason for the change; Change for the sake of change or to be consistent with everybody else isn't going to work. If the reason is solid, you should be able to convince everyone the necessity to change - if not, you fail at the first step!

Assuming you are able to convince everyone, leaders should be the role-models and example-setters - because, actions speak hell lot louder than words! The behaviours and actions reinforcing the change or new idea should be applauded and those that fail to should be reprimanded. For an idea to be effectively implemented, leaders presence on the battlefield is mandatory right from the hatching moment of the idea to such a stage where the change has been solidly engraved into the system.

Power, Influence, and Persuasion are the primary skills that need to be displayed for the idea to jump outta brains to the onground reality and for accomplishing mass buy-in. We shall discuss these traits someother time..!