The Lord Of Myself

Twinkle, twinkle little star...!! Shoot for the stars, even if you miss those you'll reach the moon.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

First positives...!!

Time Flies @ ISB is a gross under-statement; we probably have to coin a new phrase to describe the speed at which life moves at ISB. There are no dull or lull moments for sure - but, unless one is disciplined, there won't be any time for reflection as well. I believe this is the case in the most top-tier one-year MBA programs, and that's the reason why applicants must think deeply about their career-direction before joining the program.

Lotta events happened in last few weeks, the most notable being Tie-ISB connect, an entrepreneurship seminar for three days, attended by famous personalities, celebrities, top-class entrepreneurs, VCs, and ofcourse, few political leaders. I missed attending most of it - will probably catch few videos to absorb few insights of starting a new venture. On personal front, I started Yoga, running, and swimming - don't ask me how regular I am :)

More importantly, I got my first A-grades at ISB - actually couple of them, in my favorite subjects - Corporate Finance and Strategy - the areas in which I will be majoring/specializing in...!!


Sunday, September 10, 2006

Virtues of Lethargy...

...Laziness is one of the reasons y I wanna own my own business one day, so that i don't have to work for anyone and b my own boss - never waking up on an alarm clock, never need to take someone's permission to fall sick!! Well, I am not in anyway suggesting Entrepreneurship is easy, but I believe that's the only way to control your destiny...!! Work hard initially, sow your seeds at the right time, persevere, and harvest BIG!!

In addition, laziness occasionally induces much-needed guilty feeling and an inspiration to act on par with one's potential - however, this kinda inspiration is fleeting and unsustainable!! If Michael Douglas in Wall-Street can say that 'Greed is Good', I guess I too can proclaim occasional laziness as virtue -


P.S: Contrary to what I wrote above, this weekend has been extremely hectic, tiring, and rewarding for me with Kanbay CEO's talk on M&A, Mc. Kinsey's 10-hr session, LDP, ELP meetings etc, etc...Probably, that's the reason why I am craving for laziness..!!