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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Plan for the best, Prepare for the worst...!

I would like to reflect on the common man's perspective of what these 'tough times' really mean? We are hearing all sort of non-sense, hell-breaking-loose stuff all over - we've every right to feel being victimized by happenings around for no fault of us; Suddenly, the quotes such as 'save for the rainy day';'Tougher gets going, when the going gets tough' seem to make lotta sense. What's happening right now is a correction cycle and such cycles are common in all phases of life to restore the vitality and cull out indisciplines/inefficiencies.

However, layoffs don't necessarily mean 'laying off' inefficient people - it could be reorganizing, repatterning the companies for next phase with best available folks in best available slots. The individuals should reflect and focus on their strengths to find a right position for themselves.
It is easier said than done - but one must always be cognizant of their SWOT matrix to adapt to these 'tough' changes. There is a funny saying on the difference between 'recession' and 'depression' , which actually reflects the human psychology: "Recession is when your neighbour loses the job and depression is when you lose the job"

Never lose your hunger and dreams - no matter what - its like losing your soul; You too can reflect, regroup, and reenergize - just like the way the companies are doing: culling out inefficiencies and building the character!

Plan for the best, Prepare for the worst!