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Friday, December 08, 2006

The Power Of Five!!

ISB is amidst the celebrations of its fifth anniversary..and..what a journey it has been!! The power of five reflects the sentiment that ISB is ready to take-off after the initial phases of pleasurable pain - the s-curve in economics beautifully depicts this phenomenon. Everything starts with a dream and this instution was no exception. And who is more apt then India's current prime minister to inaugurate the celebrations, who himself architected India's economic reforms. After five years, amidst country's booming economic growth, ISB is well-poised to take-off to the next levels.

It has been an interesting week with ISB Leadership Seminar, International Entrepreneurship conference, Global Logistics summit, stage performance by ISB community and professional performers amidst our usual busy schedule. Time suddenly seem to be invaluable over here vis-a-vis my professional life.


Friday, December 01, 2006

I am..!!

I barely managed to spend some time to think thru what i want to achieve in life - which is kinda bad, considering how important it is to constantly think thru and reinforce your direction in life and not devoting time for such a critical exercise is suicidal to say the least..!! With the few minutes i spent, it was crystal clear to me what best job would be for me like that i will enjoy doing the most..considering there are no money and time constraints. It is important to remove constraints in the first stage to understand your true motivations and things u would love to do..)

In the second stage, i've considered what all things i would like to have from the job - it is critical to know what u r going after in choosing among so many options with as many trade-offs. Once you are clear of your job motivations, try to focus on only those jobs that will provide u what u identified in steps 1 and 2.

After step 3, identify the gaps in your strengths so that you can effectively compete and win over those jobs/roles which you desire. This is most crucial step for me right now...and i am working towards it.

I know, this sounds very mechanical and methodical - but unless you think in such a structured style, it is easy to wander and make wrong decisions.