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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

D B T B A B (Pursuit of Righteousness)

.. the above funny acronym translates to "Dream Big, Think Big, Act Big": We've heard company's tag lines: "Just Do It"; "Dare to Dream"; "Think Different" etc, etc - highlighting only one aspect, but it is necessary to have all three (dreaming, thinking, & acting) in unison to achieve personal mastery or career excellence or entrepreneurial contentment.

However, I wouldn't talk about any of the three in this post but explore something that triggers and sustains the above three in an individual. At the risk of being perceived as spiritual philosopher, I venture to say that your "fundamental core" determines your readiness to take a giant leap to dream, think, and act big in perfect harmony with your soul. Your core needs to be transformed and aligned with your original SOURCE to act as a foundation or platform on which the above three can be launched with lightning speed.

What do I mean by such core transformation? There is nothing inherently either good or bad, but everyone understands what's right or wrong in any situation; In some instances it is easy to do the right thing but in some it's damn difficult to unshackle your old habits to do the right thing or you need to be immensely brave to do the right thing or you must be crazy or so others think... Understanding your boundaries, setting the ground rules, and sticking your neck to follow those - no matter what - brings in that transformation.

I am not sure if I am making sense - but what I would like to tell is that nothing happens in your life unless you are ready; You can't blame anyone for what's happening or what's not happening in your life except may be yourself. Your focus should be on being best, doing best, and getting "future" ready!