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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

4 Cs that will catapult your career..!

I am back and am having a great run professionally and personally! As usual, I like to synthesize what I really think will enable a person with attitude and ambition to excel in his or her career or any endeavor he chooses to invest his life on.

Character:  Many people call this attribute with various names such as honesty, integrity, respect etc - but in my mind this is nothing but living in present and doing what is right in your conscience - ALWAYS! For instance, if you always speak truth - you never have to worry or remember what you have informed to what stakeholder at what time! There are absolutely no justifications for fabricating truth in any manner whatsoever. This 'C' is the foundation on which the other 3 Cs need to be built on.

Competence:  Value in this world is rightly perceived by how your living can better other's life - whether it is your client, or your friend, or your colleague, or even you child. What you bring to the table is what defines your competence. You need to be always asking on how good you are in your field and in your role and embark on a life long learning journey. Enjoy the fruits of hard work and toil for excellence. Be better every day or else there is no reason for others to indulge you in their lives - professional or personal.

Confidence: The 2 Cs - Competence and Confidence need to be in balance.  Competence without confidence is useless and confidence without competence is dangerous - we need to watch out for both. Training in soft skills, understanding your deep-lurking fears, self-awareness and improved emotional IQ will enable you build right amount of confidence to tackle the world head on. In my mind, there is nothing like over-confidence if we are aligned with these 4 Cs.

Communication: Unless you want to live like a hermit in forest, you can't go far with just the above 3 Cs and with out the 4th C - Communication, which completes the loop and helps you get introduced to the world. Communication doesn't just mean talking fluently - it comprises of many disciplines, but the key ones are: Clarity, Conciseness/brevity & Listening. The one and only one goal for communication is to ensure other person understands what you've in your mind.

Excel in these 4 Cs and you will be on your way to become another 'C' - CHIEF X O!



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