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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Power of Rituals

How many times have we loathed people who had strange religious rituals which we think are weird? Rituals (including those you don’t connect to) are only the means to a greater end. Every one uses tools and resources to evolve as a perfect human at his own pace - establishing rituals is one such powerful approach. Ritual simply means doing an act regularly in a certain way at a certain time – without exceptions.
Will power and self-discipline aren’t found in abundance – every one has those to an extent. We should use those optimally and for rest of the key activities “rituals” should come in handy. Design rituals based on your goals and get out of the way. Results are ensured once rituals are imbibed. For instance, if having healthy life is your goal – going for a walk or running at 6 AM should be your ritual. You do this in an auto-pilot mode. Forming rituals is toughest in the initial phases as I am experiencing now!
Daily pressures and other seemingly important tasks come in the way. I am not sure yet how we solve this conundrum – but I believe we need to exercise our will-power initially to get this going. We must not give up despite initial set backs and even when it appears that we are chasing wild goose – because the results entail less exertion. But, when do you know that a ritual has been set?
It takes 21 days to form a habit – but I believe 40 contiguous days is an acceptance criterion for a ritual formation. By no means, I am suggesting blind obedience to superstitions or to those acts that violate moral conduct – serial killing is a serious ritual! Use your head and be true to your conscience when forming rituals – because they stick.


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