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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Incurable Insomnia..

The temptation to do something wrong/unethical will be at its peak under certain circumstances, and it takes guts and character to pass those times unscathed. Resisting such temptations consistently thru one's life is the mark of a man! On the otherhand, yielding to immorality imparts incurable insomnia to some, making them vow that they never do such mistakes. It is always easy to think and do right things when there is no opportunity or incentive to do wrong things, but it is when a situation requires one to a make a trade-off between a fleeting pleasure and an honorable conduct one usually falters!!

Why did SOX come into existence? Where is the need for Honor code in educational institutions and corporations? There are many such several laws/value systems which force an individual to make a right trade-off. Unfortunately, character can't be forced upon - it has to be built over a period of time. I am not suggesting I am perfect because I am not, nor I am suggesting anyone is - we heard pathetic wrong-doing stories of even great personalities every where.The point is not that - everyone makes mistakes - life provides many such temptations and at times we yield to those, losing sleep for subsequent nights. However, learning from life's experience and not repeating the same mistakes is a process that should never stop.

Even slightest victories over temptations should be celebrated, becuase I believe victory over the evil is the toughest and the GREATEST!!


P.S: We are done with our third term exams-will write about prev. term and next term lil later...right now, it's chill-out time..

Thursday, August 17, 2006


- experiential learning project, a kind of summer internship program at ISB, where students apply their recently hard-earned skills to the real challenges faced by corporates. We are successful in getting a project on financial modeling (private banking) from a newly start up mgmt. consulting services firm !!As a part of the project we'll be evaluating small and medium enterprises, identifying key drivers of growth that help us invest in those firms with high potential. Our clients would be top 20 richest Indians!!My ELP team, like my study group (!), is truly diverse with one entrepreneur, one CA, one marketing guy, one media man, and me from IT.The surprising aspect is that we thought we didn't do too well in the interview and were pleasantly surprised when we were awarded the project...well, that's LIFE :)

And now that we got the project, we better execute it to perfection...!!

Tata.. Satish

Friday, August 04, 2006

moments of inspiration...

Have you ever wondered why you are spell-bound after you listen to some one speak or after you hear an insightful remark from your friend or even after you watch an inspiring movie? There is some increbile energy transfer that happens between the speaker and you, which motivates you to be resolute and action-oriented towards an objective!!

Exactly the same happened to me few hours before when I heard Mr. Manish Sabherwal address the ISB students who took "Planning an Entrepreneurial Venture" course. Few of my favorite takeaways from his seminar are: (some of them might be counter-intuitive, and probably that's the reason why he is such a successful entrepreneur)

- Opportunity dances with only those who are on the dance floor.

- Biggest danger is not aiming big and missing it - but, aiming small and getting it.

- Anybody who knows exactly where they are going is incapable of going very far.

- God is not on the side of biggest armies, but on the side of those making big shots

- The only worse thing than being wrong is being confused

- Can't live with or without planning

Jus to end this post symmetrically, have your ever wondered how these moments of inspiration are so fleeting that you don't retain the energy and drive for so long - what makes it evaporate and how do you permanently ingrain such drive in your mind and your activities?