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Friday, March 27, 2009


I am yet to see a company or a family or a group where perfect collaboration happens amongst teams or functions or departments. Most of the thoughts or ideas I came across in various reputed journals look very good on paper but have never seen those implemented in practice. My experience might be too limited to conclude that perfect cross collaborations don't happen - but I would be delighted to be proved wrong.

Incentives that encourage cross-collaboration should probably do the trick - but unless they are designed and communicated right, the incentive effect might even boomerang. People are so focussed in silos and aim at optimization of whatever they do - someone has to think a level above to ensure we not only do things right but prioritize on doing right things! And, that someone has to be leader of the group or family or business unit or company.

Ensuring effective cross-collaboration is the most important job of a leader that can never be delegated.


Saturday, March 21, 2009

Practice without Preaching!

ALWAYS, don't expect someone to take your advice and ignore your example.

You are what you are and you can't expect to change it by speaking grand words or talking about great people. The best way to influence and inspire your team or coterie in business or in family setting is "by being the way you want your folks to be". Setting an example or being a role model to your kids is the best way to impart the best in your kids. Actions are indeed more deafening than words!

Ok, now how to set the right example? At every instant or every cross road in life, you will know what's the right path to take - but, you also know it's damn hard compared to the other three easy routes. You are what you are based on the path you choose at such cross roads!

Right and wrong might vary from person to person and to a large extent depends on her dreams and goals. But, a person will always know in his pure conscience what is right or wrong. So, knowing what is right or wrong is the easy part - doing right is what makes or breaks a man!

Therefore, when you practice - you don't have to preach.

Au revoir,

P.S: Just a clarification - I don't write blogs to inspire my readers - I write because i love writing and would always like to remind myself of what's really cool in my life?