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Saturday, April 07, 2007


..graduated:) This would be my last post at ISB, and I hope to continue writing regularly!

Yesterday's convocation ceremony is a function that will be cherished for long in most of our hearts...especially, parents' will remember more than we do! While packing the coursepacks, I couldn't believe that we studied so many subjects and learnt so much in 1-year; thatz really amazing! Hopefully, we shall get to apply at least 10% of what we gained hear!

Now that ISB has given us enough tools, we are all responsible to use them properly and shape our futures the way we want it to be..No compromises whatsoever :) It was interesting to hear Rajat Gupta say that it doesn't really matter which job and which company you choose after graduation, but what's most important is to inculcate the 'life-long learning mindset' and take every opportunity to lead

for now...bye bye...& thanks for all those reading and commenting on my blogs...:)

Au revoir....Satish